You’re expecting, and now you need to figure out what to expect from your newborn session – let me help you!


What to Expect From Your Newborn Session

Do your research!


What photographers are in the area?

What are others saying about that photographer?

Do you like their style of work?

Are they licensed + insured?

What are their safety qualifications?

What packages do they offer?

A little about my work: I've been photographing newborns for only 2 years, but I've had HUGE growth in those two years because I LOVE learning new things and studying. I have taken classes and have done my research to make sure your babies are in the best hands during their session. I've also had two little babies myself that I have taken newborn photos of, and haven't damaged them yet, lol

 As for my packages I do my best to offer the most affordable packages with the most images I can provide with the highest quality. To check out my packages click           for more info.

My style is  a little moody - I love shadows. I also offer in home sessions for a separate fee; contact me for more info if you'd prefer your session to be taken place at your home. 

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You decided you like my work - Now it's time to connect!

I recommend contacting me once you're in your second trimester. Sometimes the calendar fills up quickly (especially since photography is my second job) and I have some clients contacting me as early as 10 weeks. 


Once you are booked with me, I'll put your due date on my calendar. I reserve a certain amount of due dates each month, since we don't know exactly when babies will come this ensures that we will get your hard date within those first two weeks after birth. 

If you're baby comes early PLEASE contact me and let me know. 

If you haven't booked with me, but you're baby is already here still contact me ASAP! I prefer to fit babies in when they're about 5-14 days old. This is when they're the most sleepy and easier to work with. This does not mean that I won't take your baby if they're older than this! Still contact me, and I'd love to try and fit you in. 

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Once baby is here, we’ll confirm your session date and I will send over a pre-session prep guide to help prepare you and baby for a successful session, all the way down to some styling advice for parent shots. Newborn sessions are typically done between 5-14 days after birth. They are held at my studio preferably in the morning around 9-10am. For boys, if you plan on circumcising, please schedule your session prior to the procedure – or at least 5 days after.

Please let me know if baby is formula fed or breast fed prior to booking session

The actual session totally depends on baby and what they're willing to do. If you come in to the studio and baby is wide awake don't freak out! I'll usually let them stay awake for a while, and then go from there. 90% of the time I can get them to sleep pretty quickly. 

I usually like to include half naked shots and half swaddled/clothed. However, if your baby hates being naked, I wouldn’t have high hopes of having a large portion in your gallery of naked shots; same if they’re awake.  We will start with them awake and then swaddled, and see how baby goes from there. We can try naked shots if baby falls into a deep sleep, but I never guarantee any shots during a newborn session because its completely based on how baby cooperates.

If you're ready to book your newborn session please             me and take a look at my               


I have hundreds of props to use in my studio, and a variety of backdrops. If you would like to request a theme or specific colors please include that info when booking