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Birth presents an opportunity for you to tap into your inner wisdom and draw upon the collective knowledge of generations of women who have come before you. It's a profound rite of passage, deserving of love, support, and empowerment for every birthing woman to make choices that align with her unique circumstances.

I'm here to stand by your side, creating a nurturing space for you to discover the depth of your strength and resilience. Additionally, I offer the invaluable service of preserving the essence of your journey on the day your baby enters the world.

Throughout this transformative experience, you'll encounter moments of fortitude, weariness, vulnerability, joy, and boundless love. Even the seemingly small details hold significance, serving as cherished memories to revisit and share with those closest to you.

If this message resonates with you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm eager to connect with you on this incredible journey.

Why choose a birth photographer? 

A professional Birth Photographer possesses the expertise to navigate the birth environment adeptly, capturing compelling images even in dim lighting and unforeseeable conditions.

While a support person may attempt to take photos, lacking experience and specialized equipment often results in grainy, blurry images lacking the professional aesthetic. Entrusting your birth photography to a professional ensures superior photos while freeing your partner to provide you with essential support.

When I document a birth, my goal extends beyond mere visual representation to encapsulating its emotional essence.

I possess the skill to seize those fleeting moments that narrate your birth narrative – the gentle curve of your belly, the reassuring touch of your partner's hands, the whispered encouragements, the calm amidst contractions juxtaposed with unwavering determination, the sheer elation upon first sight of your baby, and the pristine innocence of your newborn's tiny toes – all immortalized in photographs to be cherished eternally.

As your birth photographer, I am on standby 24/7 starting from the 37th week of your pregnancy, prepared to prioritize your active labor, birth, and initial moments with your baby. This unwavering commitment to families stems from my profound passion for birth and the desire to document each baby's unique journey into the world.


BIRTH - $700


A pre-birth consultation to discuss your birth plans, and the logistics of birth photography.

I'll be on call (24 hours a day!) from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby.

Unconditional love and support as needed at your birth.

5+ digital sneak peek images within 24 hours.

Online gallery of 50-200 professionally edited, digital high resolution images. Complimentary web-sized images for easy online sharing.


FRESH 48 - $300


Fresh48 captures the little details of the baby and the first moments with Mom, Dad and Family. These photos can include family, the first bath, first outfit, first feeding, etc. 

Coming to the hospital within 48 hours after birth

5+ digital sneak peek images within 24 hours.

Online gallery of 30-100 professionally edited, digital high resolution images. Complimentary web-sized images for easy online sharing.

Fine Print:

A non-refundable retainer fee is due at time of booking to secure your session date, and is applied towards your session balance.

Prices subject to change without notice. Pricing will be honored at time of booking, booking today locks in current rate.

Any location 30 miles outside of 65616 is subject to a travel fee.

Payments may be made by cash or check. If using a card an additional 3% will be applied.

Pricing is non-negotiable.

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