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Baby milestones are meant to capture your little one at different stages of growth throughout their first year. Most clients will choose to capture two of the major milestones, a sitter session and a one year session. A sitter session takes place around 6-7 months or when baby is able to sit up unsupported. I offer a simple Milestone package that can be used for any month or bundle packages that include multiple months.


The one year mark is another major milestone, and we have the option of a cake smash where we provide the cake, and can even add a splash! The cake smash has two setup option. The first is a plain background with the option of balloons or a styled set, the option is yours. Add on a splash set up for baby to play in some bubbles and clean up after the cake smash! 

Cake Smash

Let's get messy....

I offer two setups for a Cake Smash session. The first is a very minimalistic approach with a plain white backdrop and flooring. A balloon garland can be added, and outfits are provided. 

My second option is a themed setup where parents send me an idea or theme and I will create a unique backdrop with white flooring. Outfits will be provided for this set up as well, and the cake will be themed. 

Baby Splash

More Bubbles please...

For some additional  cute picture's and to keep the session fun and playful for your baby, you have the option to include  our Baby Splash. You can choose from a white tub, or clear tub, and there will be lots of bubbles, wooden utensils, etc. The best wardrobe option for this add on is a swim diaper with a white cover over it.


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