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When I first started photography I never really had a thought about wanting a studio. I loved outdoor images and natural light. That was until I had my daughter and witnessed my first newborn session with my photographer!! I fell in love with newborn photography and loved how she had a studio with so many props inside! Turning poses into art!

I've been collecting props for 3 years now, and have a studio full of them. I love being able to offer a client closet, and giving my clients that option to choose if they're unable to afford something. I have baby clothes, buckets, stuffed animals, dresses, headbands, backdrops, and more. I may have a bad habit of wanting to buy something new for every session ... oops

When you first walk into my studio you'll have a place where my clients sit, and it's slightly enclosed. The curtains are able to be shut or left open. This gives my clients the chance to have privacy if needed.

This leaves plenty of room to privately change, breastfeed, etc or just relax in peace.

During my newborn sessions the room is very dark and warm, so if you decide you want to curl up and sleep this is the perfect spot!

I also have a bed in the studio for an extra place to sit, but also the perfect 'lifestyle' set up for beautiful natural images.

My studio is full of props, and when the session gets going it may look like a super unorganized mess, but I promise its not! lol

If you're wanting to add something to your session be sure to ask first because I may already have it! Most of the time I either already have it in my studio, or storage room, or I'd be happy to purchase it for your session!

Check out some of my newest props to the right that came in for a newborn session I have this coming week.

I love using props to transform your images into a work of art. Whether it be a baby 'riding' a cute stuffed animal llama, or a baby holding onto balloons that are taking them away into the world, I love creating a story.

For my maternity sessions, I love the big and beautiful dresses with all that extra fluff. Those are my absolute favorite!

But I also provide elegant and soft looking dresses as well.

.. to be continued

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