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Naff Newborn | 9 Days Young

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

It was a little over 2 years ago when I did a model call, and the Naff family was the one chosen for a free newborn session. I took photos of their sweet baby girl 2 years ago, and now I had the pleasure of photographing that little girls SISTER!

When the Naff family reached out to me baby Naff was already a few days old, so I had to find time somewhere in my tight schedule to get her in because I just couldn't say no! I was honored that they came back to me and chose for me to take photos of their baby girl!

I was lucky to fit this family in within 1 week after they contacted me, and we barely made it work. But so glad we did. When this little girl came to the studio she was an ANGEL! She was awesome for her session, and slept almost the entire time. This family chose my second package out of the three and we had a beautiful turnout.

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