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First of all I want to THANK YOU for visiting my site!! I have been working so hard on getting that 'perfect' website, but just can't seem to get it right. This is probably my sixth time editing it so we will see how long this lasts

I want to create a space where we can all connect, but also make it easier for my clients to book and find more info about the sessions I offer. I hope you guys feel comfortable with participating in my blogs, and giving me feedback. I truly want to make your experience special, and capture beautiful, priceless, timeless images that you will love and cherish forever.

Obviously this site will still need some work done to it, but bare with me as I try to figure all this out!


I love capturing all sorts of photography, but my favorite will have to be Newborn photography hands down. When a little baby comes into the studio I get so excited. I love all the baby cuddles, and the flexibility of newborns is amazing! My favorite pose is the froggy pose. Babies are truly amazing!

Mini sessions will have to be my second favorite, then led by maternity. The woman's body is also truly amazing.

Mini sessions are so fun and I love finding beautiful backdrops to use, and make something that might be ordinary into something unique and fun.

Keep up with my mini sessions for 2022, they will be so fun! Easter I plan on brining little baby chicks for the kids to enjoy, and the Easter Bunny!

Goodbye for now, and back to updating my website I go!


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