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Parker | Newborn

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Being a Newborn photographer is my absolute favorite. These precious moments are why I do what I do. The Newborn phase is a very short time in your babies life, lasting less than 8 weeks, and being able to capture memories like this that will last a lifetime is priceless.

This sweet girl was PERFECT for her session. She was so sleepy and arrived at the studio asleep. Usually I try to start with family pictures first, but she wasn't moving a muscle when I picked her up so we started with her newborn posing first. And her pictures turned out perfect!

Check out this sweet girls gallery and all the images the parents had to choose from. Definitely a tough selection!

For my newborn sessions I like to shoot as many pictures and poses as possible, I then edit them very lightly, and then parents will select the ones they want! These parents had 103 images to choose from, and narrowed it down to 20. After the selection is made by the parents I then fully edit the images!

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